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IL-6 and SAA—Strong Predictors for the Outcome in COVID-19 CKD Patients
December 28, 2023

Abstract: In this prospective study, we assessed biomarkers of inflammation (IL-6 and SAA) from
the serum of 120 COVID-19 patients, of whom 70 had chronic kidney disease. All the samples were
taken at emergency-department (ED) admission. Our goal was to relate the biomarkers to the results
of death and acute kidney injury. All the patients underwent chest computer tomography to estimate
the severity score (0–5), which was performed at hospital admission. Finally, biomarkers were also
evaluated in a healthy control group and in non-COVID-19-CKD patients. IL-6 and SAA were
statistically different between the subgroups, i.e., they were significantly increased in patients with
COVID-19. Both of the biomarkers (IL-6 and SAA) were independently associated with mortality,
AKI and a higher grade of pathological changes in the lung’s parenchyma. Both high baseline levels
of IL-6 and SAA on hospital admission were highly correlated with a later ventilatory requirement
and mortality, independent of hospital stay. Mortality was found to be significantly higher when the
chest CT severity score was 3–4, compared with a severity score of 0–2 (p < 0.0001). Conclusions: at
the admission stage, IL-6 and SAA are useful markers for COVID-19 patients with CKD.

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Source: MDPI.com