Young Scientist Symposium, Ghent, 15-16th of March 2018
March 21, 2018

Yearly, the European Bioanalysis Forum provides the opportunity to young-in-the-field scientists from all over the world to gain experience and discuss the “hot” topics engaged by the bioanalytical world. This year the Young Scientist Symposium took place in the wonderful city of Ghent, where early-career bioanalytical scientists all gathered under the main theme: The BioA Brain: Embracing New Ideas.

Seeking to satisfy their knowledge thirst, the Comac Medical bioanalytical scientists Snezhana Traykova and Pavel Stoykov attended the symposium and were honored to do so by presenting Comac`s bioanalytical experience in the sphere of challenging small molecule extraction techniques.

Snezhana managed to present a recent bioanalytical project that was developed and run by our bioanalytical laboratory as a result of the mutual hard work of our team of scientists- Kichka Kostova, Milena Tasheva, Desislava Georgieva, Nedka Sanyova and Pavel Stoykov. She also provided general tips on how to overcome bioanalytical challenges in regards to the molecule extraction from human plasma samples, such as the use of pH stabilization, phase separation and purification techniques.

The overall feedback in the matter of the outcomes of the symposium included many positive comments on the high quality of the general meeting and the presentations that were a part of it. Once again, Comac Medical demonstrated its outstanding experience in the field and its will for always staying in touch with the most novel bioanalytical trends.