Dr. Milen Vrabevski supports a campaign for promoting higher birth rates
March 15, 2017


After his long-standing support for “I Want a Baby” Foundation and active participation in the national campaign “The Big Family” Dr. Milen Vrabevski has declared his support for the charity initiative “Do It for Bulgaria”. This is another effective way of realization of a main direction that Dr. Vrabevski and Bulgarian Memory Foundation have been working on for 10 years – activities to combat the demographic crisis in Bulgaria.

“Do It for Bulgaria” is the first of its kind campaign for promoting higher birth rates, organized by the non-governmental organization Movement for National Cause. The campaign is open for couples, whose babies have been conceived in 2016. In the autumn of 2017, for all children, who are part of the campaign, MNC will organize the biggest mass christening that has ever taken place in Bulgaria.