“Comac Medical” receives award in the annual competition “IT project of 2016”
February 28, 2017

On February 21, at 7 PM in the “Sofia Hotel Balkan” an award giving ceremony was held for the winning projects in the “IT project of 2016” competition organized by Computerworld Bulgaria magazine and supported by DSK Bank.

The competition was held for the thirteenth consecutive year and involved companies, enterprises and institutions in Bulgaria, building a modern IT infrastructure and using information technologies for automation of their activities, as well as companies implementing new IT solutions. A total of 21 projects took part in the competition last year, 9 of which competed in the public domain and 12 – in the private sector. The competition was conducted in two main categories: “National IT projects implemented in the public sector” and “National IT projects implemented in the corporate sector”.

The project of Comac Medical – the biggest entirely Bulgarian scientific research company with 20 years of history, founded and managed by Dr. Milen Vrabevski, won the award in the main category “Corporate sector”, as well as diploma in the subcategory “Medium and small enterprises”.

The project “Development of specialized ERP system Pathways” was carried out in collaboration with Empire Mobile, now Upnetix, between July 2015 and October 2016 and is a unique and innovative software product which optimizes operational processes and provides a range of functionalities to ensure data accuracy and data security for the conducted clinical studies.

“Leadership is attained by innovation”, with these words Mr. Stamen Yanev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency, presented the award to “Comac Medical”.

“I believe that with such joint projects between Bulgarian companies we demonstrate that it is possible to overcome existing stereotypes like: * there is no connection between science, innovation and business in Bulgaria; *the talents of Bulgaria are outside its borders; * Bulgarians cannot work as a team*. The interaction between Bulgarian companies in key sectors such as healthcare and information technology is essential for improving the lives and the health of the citizens and for positioning the country in the global contest.” With these words Mrs. Monika Panayotova, representative of Comac Medical, thanked the organizers for the high distinction.

About Comac Medical

Comac Medical is the biggest entirely Bulgarian scientific research company with 20 years of history, which operates in 21 countries in Europe, managing and monitoring projects in the field of clinical medicine in partnership with the best medical institutions in Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Greece Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Cyprus, Georgia, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company reinvests 74% of its net income from sales in research and development activities and as a result was awarded in 2016 with the “Pythagoras” prize of the Ministry of Education and Science in the category for companies with the largest investments in scientific research.

By the type of its organization and the type of work, Medical Center Comac Medical is unique in Bulgaria, as it combines clinical and bioanalytical laboratory, project management and clinical centers management team, pharmacy and pharmacovigilance team. The center ensures quick and effective conduct and management of clinical trials Phase I, which are part of the route through which a new drug passes prior to its appearance on the market.

The main activities of the center are:

  • Management of clinical projects;
  • Management of clinical centers;
  • Conducting the clinical part of the trials;
  • Bioanalysis of medicinal samples;
  • Laboratory analysis;
  • Collecting and processing data;
  • Statistical analysis;