Management Team
Spearheaded by Industry Specialists
Our research team is comprised of some of the most renowned professionals in the field of clinical trials.
Regional Manager Adriatic region
Gjoko Todorovski, MD
Regional Manager Central EU region
Boyan Slavov
General Manager,Site Augmentation and Patient Recruitment Solutions
Nikola Tchakinsky, MD
Manager Site Network
Georgi Kimenov, MD
Alliance Manager
Dimitаr Engibarov, MD
Alliance Manager
Mirela Herljevic
Medical Center Manager
Maya Dabcheva, MD
Central Laboratory Manager
Sonya Balkanska
Drug Safety and PV Manager
Velichka Razhdanova
IT Manager
Yonko Draganov
HR Manager
Velichka Duncheva
Regulatory Manager
Emilija Mitreska