Intelligent  Music was established by Dr. Milen Vrabevski, Bulgarian philanthropist and member of Clinton Global Initiative, in continuation of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation programme for preservation and popularization of the Bulgarian Cultural Heritage.

The ambition of the project is to carry out the vision of its founder in terms of creativity, uniqueness and thoroughness in the space of contemporary music and performing arts.

Since 2010 Intelligent Music is listed as a cultural organization in the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria under the Registration Number 110 (729) / 18.03.2010 by the Law on Protection and Development of Culture.

The mission and priority of Intelligent Music is to create an unique product featuring popular music artists and to promote Bulgarian music and culture throughout the world.

Intelligent Music Studios is a modern complex for music production located at the heart of Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia. The establishment of the project is a result of the creative partnership between Dr. Milen Vrabevski, musical producer, composer and patron of arts, and Nicolo Kotzev, producer, composer, guitarist and violinist.

Intelligent Music Studios provides multichannel recording, editing, mixing and mastering. We specialize in pop and rock productions.

The complex is designed on three operational levels providing flexible interactivity and free workspaces according to musician’s choice. The creative interaction is provided by audio & video connections between two acoustically treated studios. Studio I Live Room (37 m2 / 4.5 m height) has the capacity to adopt classical chamber orchestra.

We offer our highly professional and experienced music production team, along with state of the art facilities for work and recreation of the artists.